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Many Thai cuisine fans are fully aware that Thai herbs and spices are the reason they are crazy for Thai meals. Herbs and spices are sometimes interchanged, and this is no different with Thai herbs and spices. Here is a little secret: not many spices and herbs originate from Thai; many were brought to the country by visitors. It was the Portuguese who first produced an ingredient like chilli. Nevertheless, several herbs and spices originate from the lands of Thailand.

Here in this article, you will meet some Thai herbs and spices; you should prepare yourself because your brain may have multiple dopamine releases.

Nine Thailand herbs and spices

Apart from Thai herbs, some other herbs originate from Asia and are beneficial to your health. A great example is Kratom, and one of its most potent strains is maeng da kratom. You can learn more about the benefits of white maeng da kratom here.

1. Thai Chili peppers

Another name for this chilli pepper is bird pepper because birds feed on them. The people of Thailand are very thoughtful when giving names; a good example is chilli pepper; Prik Chee Fah means “chilli pointing to the sky.” The bird pepper comes in two colours, if you want it green, you should pluck it early, and if you want it red, you can pluck it late after allowing it to ripen under the sun.

The red colour intensifies when the pepper becomes more dried, and its colour is behind the bright red colour of curry. The bird pepper also comes in two sizes; the long one and the other is squat and rounded. The chilli pepper has benefits such as:

  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Reduces cancer risk
  • Mitigates migraine

2. Coriander Root (Rak-Pak-chee)

This Thai herb is used for garnishing, but you would not easily find it at the grocery store, and also, not many cultures use the seasoning for cooking. Aside from this, the people of Thailand ground the roots to make a paste through mashing or crushing using a mortar; thanks to the flavour and aroma, many soups in Thailand have unique tastes. Some surprising benefits of coriander include:

  • Coriander might assist in reducing blood sugar.
  • It is rich in antioxidants and displays immune-boosting, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects.
  • Coriander may help with digestion and gut health.

3. Holy Basil (Bai ka-prow)

You can’t talk about Thai herbs and spices without …….


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